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Firms, who intend to realize exports through the intermediation of TGS Dış Ticaret A.Ş., shall complete online the "exporter form" , containing the information related to themselves, and shall send it to our company, whereupon the firm shall be visited by us.

In order to protect our firms who have signed a contract by trusting us, our Company makes very tiny distinctions in the selection of firms, in whose export it shall mediate. Prior to the execution of a contract with them, their corporate structure is reviewed and the required criteria, which they shall feature, are taken into consideration.

Accordingly, initially the necessary documents are requested from the firms. In case a mutual agreement is reached on the terms, the contract related to the intermediation in exports is executed.

After the beginning of the intermediation in the exports of manufacturer and manufacturer/supplier firms with the suitable criteria, our company’s authorized person performs audits within the firm in certain periods in terms of the VAT return transactions.

While performing our export transactions, care is taken of the flow of transactions within mutual understanding for the reliable implementation, follow-up and control of the system.

The International Trading Company status is granted by the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade to Joint-Stock Companies, which meet the suitable criteria in the scope of the Communique no. 2004/12 published in the Official Gazette number 25664 dated Dec.8, 2004, upon their application. The titles of companies having become entitled to obtain the International Trading Company status are announced in the Official Gazette to be valid for one year.

The International Trading Companies mediate in the exports of goods of manufacturer and manufacturer/supplier firms in the capacity of intermediary exporter. Pursuant to our intermediary exporter contract, the provision of foreign markets and customers, export contacts, exportation contracts, the supply, packing, transport of products to be exported, the delivery of the goods to their buyer, the follow-up of the goods’ values shall be entirely assumed by the manufacturer and manufacturer/supplier firms. Consequently, despite the fact that the documents are issued in the name of the International Trading Companies, the exports transactions are realized in the scope of the powers of attorney granted in the name of customs brokers as well as manufacturer and manufacturer/supplier firms.

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