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The President’s Message

We have actually passed 15 years on our way on which we started out to achieve a corporate structure of internationally high standing and to create a difference with this corporate structure.

Every achievement is based on a goal and the implementation of what has to be done for the realization of this goal. We have always acted accordingly. TGS DIŞ TICARET A.S., having carried out successful and leading operations in our sector in which we have been active from the date of its incorporation, is continuing to create a difference in this sense.

The beginning of the public listing of its shares at the “BIST” by means of going-public in 2012 has been a very important development for us.

Thus, for the sake of the positive developments in our number of customers to further strengthen our service quality, we have obtained the Group A Approved Entity’s Status, which is granted by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Customs and Trade to a certain number of elite firms, and have ensured comfort in many issues such as the delivery of major cost / merchandise to their buyers in our firms’ exports transactions.

Despite the fact that, unfortunately, the fluctuations in the exchange rates which have arisen during this process in which the developments experienced worldwide, mainly in the Middle East countries and Russia, in 2014 which we have left behind, have caused a negative impact on the country’s exports despite all of these positive initiatives, have also effected the exports to be realized to other countries to a certain extent; in 2014, our Company, comprising more than 300 firms, all of which are business operators and industrialists, has realized an exports performance of 908 million US$. TGS DIŞ TICARET A.S. has, according to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), preserved its first place in its own segment among the “International Trading Companies” this year again just like every year. Of course, we would like to express our endless thanks to our esteemed business partners, our devoted employees and our esteemed investors, who believe in us and who are our greatest supporters in these developments.

The launching of the TGS DIŞ TICARET A.S. DIRECTORATE OF THE AEGEAN REGION in February 2015, for the sake of further extending the variety of services which we render to the SME, is another good news in terms of our company.

Accordingly, I’d like to mention that I am confident that we shall reach a better position without disrupting this acceleration in 2015. We, as TGS DIŞ TICARET A.S., aim at being capable of continuing, in the same manner, the achievements we have reached in the former years.

Dolar : 4.5781 / 4.5863 Euro : 5.4043 / 5.4141 22.05.2018 - T.C. Merkez Bankası
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