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TGS’s major subject of occupation is intermediation to the exports of production and trade firms engaged in Turkey, regardless of the sector as of its commercial status. Our company provides to manufacturerer firms, which are realizing exports within its scope, technical and logistic support in case of their request in order to ensure the reliable operation of the exports with the Turk Eximbank, the Banks and Private Financial Institutions in the framework of the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency Law (T.P.K.K.) Exchange Regulations, the Customs Law and Tax Procedures Laws. In this context, the favourable services presented to firms, who shall work with TGS, are as follows:

TGS follows up your VAT returns transactions in the name of your firm rapidly, collects your VAT receivables from the State; consequently, the said cooperation provide time advantage to your firm.

During the VAT return process, the liabilities imposed by the Revenue Office are fulfilled by TGS, as one of Turkey’s leading Foreign Trade Firms, in the name of your firm. Thus, your firm’s VAT collection liability vanishes.

Since TGS shall fulfill, in the name of your firm, the condition of letter of guarantee in consideration of the VAT return request, there shall not arise any decrease in your non-cash limits with banks.

Your firm shall not require any personnel within its corporate structure for the VAT transactions.

Since the audit of your foreign trade transactions shall be made by professional staff, the determination and control of the risks on behalf of your firm and the information of the firm’s management on the said risks is possible.

Your firm is also supported in terms of financial reporting at international standards as required by the VAT return liabilities.

Partial working capital requirement arising from the VAT receivables of your firm is satisfied by making the VAT prepayment.

Consultancy service is rendered to your firm in terms of export practices, VAT and foreign trade financing; the regulations in the said areas are followed up on behalf of your firm; in this context, exporter firms are brought together to organize seminars, panels and contact meetings.

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