Advantages Of Foreign Trade

Primary field of activity of TGS is to provide brokering services for export activities of manufacturing and trade companies operating in Turkey regardless of the sector they engage in. We provide technical and logistic support services to ensure proper functioning of export activities for manufacturing companies that engage in exports before Turk Eximbank, banks and private financial institutions within the frameworks of Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency Law, Foreign Exchange Law, Customs Law and Tax Procedure Law. In this context, advantageous services offered to companies that will collaborate with TGS are defined as follows:

TGS swiftly follows up with the VAT return procedures, and VAT receivables from government; consequently the collaboration saves time in favor of your company.

Liabilities established by the Finance Office during VAT return process are fulfilled by TGS, one of the leading foreign trade companies in Turkey on behalf of your company. In this way, your company's liability to collect VAT is eliminated. In case export companies perform exporting activities through their means, VAT return rate receivables from the government remains below the average VAT returns, whereas, when export activities are performed through TGS Dış Ticaret, a foreign trade company, VAT return rate will be net of invoices of 3065 export-registered or sales invoices for customary domestic market sales, which eliminates loss of VAT in between.

If the parties prefer to work with TGS, they will have the chance of getting VAT returns melted easily, which is one of the biggest troubles for exporters. 30 days after submission of VAT returns on 24th day of each month, we collect them from the related tax office by submitting a bank letter of guarantee on behalf of the exporters that prefer to work with us, and remit the same to their bank account by EFT.

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