Companies that prefer to export through TGS Dış Ticaret A.Ş., are asked to fill out the online "exporter form". After they send the form to our company we will pay them a short visit.

In order to protect them, we act with due diligence in selecting companies that prefer us and are accordingly asked to execute a contract with us. Company structure is examined based on the required criteria before entering into a contract.

Accordingly, initially required documents are asked from the companies. In case of mutual agreement is reached as far as conditions are concerned, a contract is signed with the exporters for provision of brokering services.

After providing brokering services for export activities of manufacturing and manufacturing/supplying companies that are deemed eligible, our company representative performs inspections for VAT returns before the company at certain periods.

Particular attention is paid to flow of process in mutual agreement to safeguard proper functioning, follow-up and control of the system when performing your export transactions.

Upon application, the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade grants foreign trade capital company status to joint stock companies that meet required criteria within the framework of Communiqué numbered 2004/12 for exports, published on Official Journal dated 08.12.2004 with the number 25664. Name of the companies that are entitled to get a status as a foreign trade capital company are announced on the official journal for one year.

Acting in their capacity as brokering exporters, foreign trade capital companies provide brokering services to manufacturing and manufacturing/supplying companies in export of their goods and commodities. Pursuant to the contract that we conclude; manufacturing and manufacturing/supplying companies are obliged to take care of foreign market and customer supplies, export connections, foreign sale contracts, supplying, packaging, transportation and delivery of products to be exported, and following up with the costs. As a result, even though documents are issued for the name of foreign trade capital company, export procedures are carried out with the customs agents as per power of attorney granted on behalf of manufacturing and manufacturing/supplying companies.

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