Information Security Policy


TGS Dış Ticaret may have access to commercial and private information pertaining to the customer it serves to. It is a top priority for us to ensure trust with the bodies and corporations that are being served, and also to safeguard security of datasets that are being used.

In this context, our relationship with customers, government bodies and dealers is particularly valuable for us. Sustainability of services, confidentially of information and data at our disposal, integrity of customers or information assets within us are high in importance. For this reason, our commitments are as follows:

1.    To preserve and protect confidentiality, integrity, accessibility -subject to authorization- and sustainability of all corporate and private information,
2.    To deliver error-free and uninterrupted services in the shortest possible time in line with the legal regulations, legislative provisions and contracts,
3.    To ensure that sources are allocated, set up, operated and constantly improved in a way that information safety management system enables us to fulfill requirements of TS ISO/IEC 27001 BGYS standard,
4.    To ensure that business processes are executed in line with the policies and procedures that are prepared and approved as per information safety management system,
5.    To comply with all legal regulation and contracts relating to information safety,
6.    To define and systematically administer risks of information assets,
7.    To provide training for improved technical and behavioral competences in order to increase information safety awareness,
8.    To establish a dynamic structure and to improve contact and communication with the competent authorities in order to adapt to developments and advancements in information technologies.

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