Our Advantages

Our advantages

As TGS Foreign Trade Inc., we mediate in the export of companies that produce and trade in Turkey regardless of the sector. We provide technical and logistical support to the manufacturing companies exporting within our company  Türk Eximbank, banks and private financial institutions upon their requests. We are removing VAT from being a financing burden for our exporters. We reduce costs, shorten bureaucratic processes and minimize the loss of time and energy. With our work system, which we summarize as 'THE SHORTEST WAY TO VAT', we create value for our exporters without creating alternative costs.


Advantages of working with TGS Foreign Trade Inc.:

• We provide regular and cash VAT advantage along with the undertaking advantage.

• We offer a fast return solution without a Fast Return System (HIS)

• We are solving the problem of rollover VAT on exports under the Inward Processing Regime (INR). 

• We remove the burden of VAT refund report and letter of guarantee.

• We provide the flexibility to work with the offset system.

• We do not impose an additional operational burden.

• We provide information support.

• The rights of our companies arising from exports remain reserved.

• The cost of the goods can come to the company's own foreign currency deposit account.

• The sub-company provides control advantage in terms of VATİRA.

• We offer the Blue Line advantage within the scope of the Approved Person Status Certificate.

  • 25 Years of experience
  • 300+ Service to the Exporter
  • 8. Turkey's Export Ranking