President's Message

As TGS Dış Ticaret A.Ş., we left behind a productive year with the great contribution of our stakeholders. We closed 2021 with an increase in exports. I would like to express my gratitude to all our exporters who have a share in the success we have achieved despite the pandemic.


We are a big family with approximately 300 exporters we serve. We have been at the top of the lists of ready-to-wear and leather products exporters for years. Among Turkey's top 1000 exporters, we are always proud to be in the top 10. 


Of course, success that means a passion for us is not easily earned. We see success as a never-ending journey, not a result. In this journey we embarked on 23 years ago, we are removing VAT from being a financing burden for our exporters. We reduce costs, shorten bureaucratic processes and minimize the loss of time and energy. In summary, we create value for our exporters without creating alternative costs.

We know that it is difficult to reach the top and much more difficult to stay at the top. We always act with the sense of responsibility that leadership brings. We play a facilitating role in the regulatory difficulties of our companies in customs, tax and Eximbank processes. By completing the export processes faster, we ensure that the product is delivered to the buyer in a serial manner. We make a difference with our pioneering projects and inspire with our work.   , I would like to share one more of my pride with you. We have kept our promise to our exporters to make VAT payments in the shortest and fastest time in the first two challenging years, just like before. During the pandemic period, we never interrupted our VAT refund payments and always stood by our exporters in their financing needs.


With 2022, we have entered a period in which exports are of much greater importance for our country's economy. In this new period, we will continue to shorten the export processes of our companies and to facilitate them in minimizing the loss of work and time caused by customs and tax regulations. I sincerely believe that with the participation of our new companies, we will continue to grow both the TGS family and our exports in 2022. With this belief, I offer my love and respect to all of you.



We have built our success and prestige on trust and quality service. At all stages of our work, trust, respect for the privacy of our stakeholders and transparency constitute our basic principle. We have been a public company since 2012. Within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK), we have completed our ISO / IEC 27701 Personal Data Management System (KVYS) certification studies. In the first days of 2022, we received our ISO/IEC 27701 CVS certificate with great pride.


Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • 23 Years Experience
  • 300+ Exporters
  • 10. Export in Turkey Ranking