President's Message

TGS Foreign Trade Inc. successfully concluded another productive year with significant contributions from our stakeholders, closing 2022 with an increase in exports. I extend my thanks to all our exporters who played a role in our success, especially considering the slowdown in the second half of the year in our largest market, Europe.

Together with approximately 300 exporters we serve, we form a large family. Maintaining our leadership in our field, we have consistently ranked among the top performers in the export of ready-made clothing and leather products for years. It is a source of justifiable pride for us to consistently be among the top 10 among Turkey's top 1000 exporters.

Success, which means a lot to us, is certainly not easily earned. We view success not as a result but as an endless journey. In this journey we embarked on 24 years ago, we relieve our exporters of the burden of VAT as a financing cost. We reduce costs, shorten bureaucratic processes, and minimize time and energy loss. In essence, we create value for our exporters without imposing alternative costs.

We understand that reaching the summit is difficult, and staying at the top is even more challenging. We always operate with a sense of responsibility that comes with leadership. We take on a facilitating role in the difficulties our firms face in customs, tax, and Eximbank processes. By completing export processes more quickly, we ensure the product is delivered to the buyer in a timely manner. We make a difference with pioneering projects and inspire with our work.

We have built our success and prestige on trust and quality service. Trust, respect for the confidentiality of our stakeholders, and transparency constitute the fundamental principles of all stages of our work. Since 2012, we have been a public company. Within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK), we have completed our ISO/IEC 27701 Personal Data Management System (PDMS) certification efforts. We will show the necessary sensitivity to maintain the requirements and continuity of our ISO/IEC 27701 PDMS certificate, which we obtained in 2022, this year as well.

I would like to share another source of pride with you. Last year, we fulfilled our promise to our exporters regarding the prompt and fast payment of VAT. Just like before, in 2022, we did not delay our VAT refund payments and consistently supported our exporters in their financial needs.

We will continue to facilitate the export processes of the companies we support, helping them shorten export processes and easing the difficulties arising from customs and tax regulations, minimizing both business and time loss. With the addition of new companies to our community, we will work with all our might to expand both the TGS family and our exports this year.

This year also marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of our Republic. I believe that our Republic, strengthened by production and exports, will be the greatest source of pride for future generations. With this belief and determination, I extend my love and respect to all of you.

  • 25 Years of experience
  • 300+ Service to the Exporter
  • 8. Turkey's Export Ranking